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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Sneak Peak at Socrates Meets Homeschool Mom

I did a talk about using the Socratic Method for literary analysis at RMCHEC this month.  For those that attended, I had a book list available on the handouts.  I didn't expect to run out of handouts.  So, I'm posting some of the information here.  The handouts will end up on the RMCHEC site.

First, the book list includes links to either FREE resources, the vendor link or the amazon.com entry for the resource:

Don’t forget! You can use Cliff Notes or Sparknotes AFTER you have read the book yourself.

Things to remember:
Literature Analysis:
1 Goal:
1.       Teach children to understand Literature and uncover the message the Author has hidden for them.  By learning more about the human condition, we grow closer to God.
2 Rules:
1.       YOU must read the book.
2.       Be sure YOU can answer the questions you are prepared to ask first!
3 Step Lesson Plan:
1.       Read the book.
2.       Discuss the book and fill in the analysis form.*
3.       Write a report or paper.

·         Take Poetry one line at a time.
·         Context and Authorship is still important. 
·         Great opportunity to learn and start identifying Literary Style like alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia, and poetry form.

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