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Monday, July 18, 2011

Back from RMCHEC with a to-do list!

First of all, I wanted to thank all the attendees of my talks at RMCHEC.  I brought 50 copies of hand-outs to each talk and ran out at all four!  You can go to the conference site to pick up a new copy if you missed one in a few days.

I did come home with a few to-dos.  I hope to catch up and have them posted this week.  The list includes:
  • iPad apps that are actually "good"
  • Review of a couple of books on Learning Styles/Learning Modalities
  • Create a list of links for each of the talks I did (so you don't have to enter the links yourself)
  1. Beginning Homeschooling
  2. This Old Schoolhouse
  3. Socrates Meets Homeschool Mom
  4. How to Get You Kids to See the Light!
Here's one I didn't promise, but I can save you the work of digging through the Google Books for textbooks discussed in the This Old School House talk.  Check out my Google Bookshelf.  Scroll down on the left side to see the book organized by subject.  Once I move them to the subject shelf, I move them off my main bookshelf.  I will be organizing the bookshelf this week by subject. 

This will probably take more than a week to get the to-do's done, and given I've been gone for days, I have to catch up on the home front first.  Laundry does NOT do it self, it appears.

Again, I want to thank all the folks in Colorado for the absolutely warm and wonderful treatment.  I hope I have the opportunity to visit you all again!

p.s.  If I've missed something or you would like to add something to my list from the talks this weekend, please feel free to add them to the com-box.

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