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Saturday, October 29, 2011

iPad Apps We Use

I have had lots of requests for the iPad apps we use the most around here.  Here's a quick and dirty list:

The Kindle App for iPad (The 13 year old and 12 year old read their CK-12 textbooks there…CK-12 is an organization that provides FREE textbooks for eReaders.) for Science, Spelling and Literature
CK-12 Earth Science Quiz App (to go with our Earth Science text from CK-12)
Spelling Test (Weekly spelling tests and quizzes)
Math Drill, Math Ninja, Rocket Math and Math Bingo
ABC Cursive
Stanza (to read pdf files)
Edupad iTooch 5th Grade English LITE (grammar reinforcement)
TextVook Exploration (History Supplement)
GeoBee (Geography)
Ultimate History Quiz (thank you, History Channel)
RC Calendar (a part of Religion is to look up if there are any feast days and read the daily readings)

Apps that we like that are not part of school, but get used regularly:
Go Skywatch Planetarium - AWESOME app for looking at the constellations.
GoAtlantis – shows where the International Space Station is currently located, along with its flight patterns.
Intellicast.netHD – Weather forecast and current satellite images
Dragon Dictation

Apps I’ve been reviewing for use this year:
Constitution (explains the preamble and each article and section of the US Constitution)
Latin Word of the Day (Like Latin flash cards)
Pocket Latin Lite
Free Greek Essentials

Apps I use:
Google Books app
iBooks app
Kindle app