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Friday, February 12, 2010

February Blues...

My home education mentor has me rereading the book Mother's Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot. February is the hardest month, it seems, for most homeschoolers. I am no different.

I suffer with discontent. You see, I like many of my friends that have been corresponding together worry, "Are we doing enough?" I do not want to cover too many subjects. I believe that is a mistake our society makes. I think Less is More. What really seems to be the problem is that I need change. So, I will keep at what we're doing, but I will change how I do it. My kids are doing well academically and socially. What I will be changing is our routine, which is why I'm rereading Holly's book.

I am also reconsidering a co-op venue of some sort, for my sake and my kids. There is a Catholic Co-op that meets close by, but it feels like sending them to school once a week. I am looking for a slightly more intimate setting rather than dropping off and picking up after a few hours. I'm absolutely willing to run it, organize it, staff it. That's the fun part for me.

So, my eldest daughter worries that this will be at the expense of her book clubs which she has really grown to love. I worry that she will not like to trade them for a co-op and I'm not sure if I can still manage book clubs and a co-op. I also know that I cannot turn her book clubs into a co-op.

The good news is that we start a Narnia lapbook club in March for her and her homeschooled buddy down the street. The neighbor's mom has asked to meet three times for each book rather than once per book. We're taking the spring to see how it works. If it is successful, we will continue in the Fall. I like that approach...training wheels. Try things out and if they don't work, change them. I'm just thankful to be able to use the curriculum I developed again.

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