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Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 Minnesota Catholic Home Educators Conference

Are you going to the 2010 Minnesota Catholic Home Educator's Conference? I'm taking a cue for Margaret and posting the three seminars I will be leading:
Having been the membership coordinator, general coordinator, advisory member and new homeschool contact for our Parish's home school group, I have lots and lots of experience talking with families either contemplating the vocation of home schooling their children OR those who have just started. My Beginning Homeschooling talk will cover the What? Where? Why? and How? of Home Education.

In 2004, I attended a Game Workshop given by the Vreeland Family. I had been playing games with my kids as a reinforcement for their studies from the beginning and had read many books on the topic. After attending the Vreeland's workshop and making my own games, I wanted to bring the Vreeland's up to Minnesota for a workshop, but they had moved back out East and had retired from the workshop business. I opted to create a mini-workshop of my own. For the conference, I will be doing "Get your game on" which is a pared down version of the workshop for attendees interested in making the most of their curriculum dollar and finding fun ways to reinforce their children's learning.

Lastly, I will be helping parents better understand their children's learning modalities. Before children, I was an adult educator. By adjusting my teaching style, I was able to get the message I was teaching clearly to all my students after I found out about differing learning modalities. This applies to teaching children as well. Learning modalities have other names like multiple intelligences. But really, learning modalities explain how our children best learn. I will give tips on how to determine your child's modalities, typical patterns children go through in maturation (and change in modalities) and I will also explain some ways to incorporate multisensory learning experiences into your day to better reach your children's particular way of learning.

I hope you can make it to the conference!

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