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Sunday, May 22, 2011

How are NETS, CBL and PBL related?

I wanted to put out a little preview about what our Technology in the Homeschool talk will cover for those checking in from the Minnesota Catholic Home Educators Conference happening on June 3-4. 

We'll be talking about using the National Education Technology Standards (NETS)to put technology into your core classes, and preparing your middle through high schoolers for real-world, 21st Century problems using Challenge Based Learning (CBL) and its close cousin, Problem Based Learning (PBL).  Within those concepts, we will also explore technology platforms, on-line safety, and social networking.  All of those items are addressed within NETS*S. 

I'm guessing you all have an idea about our State Education Standards.  NETS follows the same concept.  However, those who are familiar with TJEd, will really get CBL and PBL.  Think about Scholar phase. On what does a scholar work?  They are working on a specific topic of interest, reading and writing about it more like an MBA student than a high school student.  It is depth.  The belief is that by studying a topic deeply, developing an expert level of understanding, naturally draws the scholar into deeper study of other core subjects.  CBL and PBL do that as well as tying in technology.

What does this all mean to the homeschooler?  I will be talking about how to incorporated technology into your core classes and even take it a step further, showing how CBL/PBL naturally incorporated core classes into technology.

Hope to see you there!

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RealMom4Life said...

Looking forward to this one. I recently when online on a popular Catholic site asking what type of technology kids are learning in the schools. I was pleasantly surprised that I've incorporated a lot of it into our school plans thus far.

I think technology is very important in this day and age and am very exited to see/hear your talk in a couple weeks!