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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Do You Moodle?

I'm curious if anyone in the home education community uses Moodle?  Moodle is a social learning tool that is FREE and akin to using Lego blocks for building.  Moodle is a platform with many different "blocks" that allow the teacher to design a learning environment that is engaging and on-line.  My mind reels with the possibility.

You see, I'm all about sharing.  Really, I am.  That is why I do many, many book clubs and invite others into my house for classes or co-schooling.  What I'm curious about is if I created classes using Moodle, would others be interested in using it.  For free.  If I build it, will they come?

I am not a fan of social networking unless its controlled.  By controlled, I mean you join a group of like-minded individuals, passwords and authentication is required.  Not just everyone can browse your profile or "ask to be your friend,"  Participants must be invited or if they ask to join, must be approved.  I'm not an elitist.  I'm just careful.

I'm really curious.  Please leave a note in the combox about how you feel about social, interactive learning.   I would like to know whether Catholic Home Education content I created would be of interest to others...


Harrington said...

I am curious but haven't been able to create an account while they are doing an upgrade. I want to check out the demonstration site first. I liked their term of "educational hobbiest" in the About Moodle section, but geek for me might be more apt. :) Sherrylynne

The Road Scholar said...

Sherrylynne, You could check out:

That is the service I'm considering right now for next year. I'm thinking a Jr. Great Books and Great Books class as well as a Life Science/Biology series. I'd love to throw Latin in there, too, but am not sure I can commit the time.

Rachelle said...

I would be interested in learning more. I will check out the link.