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Friday, June 4, 2010

In Search of Mark and Janice Vreeland of Family Learning

For those that attended my games workshop, I had promised to try and contact Mark and Janice Vreeland that had written that great workbook called "Games...Tools for Learning" that I had gotten at a one day workshop back in 2003. I have tried google searching them, tried their web site, email all to no avail. So, if anyone out there has a copy of "Games...Tools for Learning" that they would like to unload, I know some buyers. I'm happy to act as a go between.

For those interested in further information on a full games workshop that I provide, that would include a workbook and time to create games with other moms, please contact me. The talk I gave at the conference was based on my workshop. My workshop is not like Mark and Janice's. Their seminar was a full day. I do my seminar in 3 hours and you go home with a booklet of quick and easy games. Mark and Janice almost created curriculum out of their games. I don't go that far and I don't use many of their ideas. I have a very different approach and we will have LOTS of fun.

I love doing the workshop and I think it's important, more so for the mom than the kids. Games give moms as much of a needed break as it does for kids. Mom? When was the last time you could say you really had fun teaching a subject? Playing a game with your kids on the subjects they need to learn will help restore our "love of teaching" as much as the kids "love of learning."

I don't charge much for the workshop, just the cost for the workbooks and my travel costs.  My only request is that you have at least 5 people so the copy costs are reasonable.  I get a discount for bulk copying.  So, please let me know via the combox if you are interested.  It would be my pleasure to do the workshop for you.


Anonymous said...

How much do you charge for the game workshop? I belong to a homeschool group of 5 families (but more might attend). We all live in the Little Falls area. Also, in your "Beginning Homeschooling" Workshop you mentioned that if you have the internet you can homeschool for free. I would like to learn more about that! I am planning on homeschooling my daughter who will be in Kindergarten this Fall and I need any advice or direction you can offer! I attended 2 of your talks at the Catholic homeschool conference, but had to stand in the hall for both because of my infant so I didn't get to see your slides or hear all of what you had to say. I was so happy to hear that your kids stay up until 10:00 p.m. and that you don't start school until 9:00 a.m. We have late nights here too because of my husband's schedule and the thought of starting school early in the morning is not appealing. Now I know it's ok to start at whenever time is best for my family. That's one of the advantages of homeschooling!

The Road Scholar said...

HI! I'll run the numbers for the games workshop at Kinkos and let you know what the cost would by tonight! We will be in Upsala, MN in July. I might be able to swing a workshop in while we're there. Would your group be willing to meet on a Sunday afternoon for the workshop, though? Please let me know!

I could tie in a talk on free homeschooling with the games talk, if you like. I will start a new post on free homeschooling, too.

God bless!

The Road Scholar said...

I just ran the numbers and the manual and supplies for the workshop would run approximately $7-9 per person. The cost includes the manual, and supplies to make a game. I could also just send a list of material a person would need to make the game (fairly simple) and keep the cost to about $7-8 a person.

Let me know if that works and if Sunday afternoon is an option in July.

Joy said...

Thank you so much for responding! If you could tie in a talk on free homeschooling with your games workshop, that would be great! I think the cost for the workshop sounds incredibly reasonable and meeting on a Sunday works for me. I will talk to the other moms in the group and get back to you as soon as I know more. This is super exciting!

P.S. I had to sign as anonymous because I could not get a username and password to work or the word verification. I'll try to sign with my name.

The Road Scholar said...


Feel free to contact me at:
cmbaier at gmail dot com
and we'll see if the date works.