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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kindle Fire: How My Kids See It

I was telling my kids about my last post comparing the iPad to the Kindle Fire.  One had already read some of it and one of the kids wanted to defend the Kindle Fire a bit.  I told them I wasn't getting rid of it, just that it wasn't serving our needs as well as the iPad and hadn't quite lived up to our expectations as a home school "tool."  Once they realized I wasn't ditching it, the real truth came out about it. So, I thought I would share some insights from their perspective:
  • The kids prefer the touch screen of the iPad over that of the Kindle Fire.  It doesn't feel the "same" as the iPad.  The iPad is more reactive than the Kindle Fire.
  • My older son loves the text-to-speech feature on the old Kindle.  When we got the Kindle Fire, we were really disappointed to see that feature GONE.  It is also gone on the lowest end Kindle.  He's a multitasker, like I am, and would often listen to his books while working on Legos, riding in the car (he gets motion sickness) or doing the dishes.
  • My youngest son loves the Kindle Fire, but that, I think, is for two reasons.  1) Since we don't have many education apps, there are more "recreation" apps (like Angry Birds, Where's My Water and Puss-in-Boots Fruit Ninja.  2) He's tiny.  The Kindle Fire fits better in his hands than an iPad.  He told me he gets tired holding the iPad.
  • My middle girl said she likes the iPad better because it doesn't crash and that it hold more apps.  
  • My eldest girl likes the iPad better because she can control the volume and she likes the screen better.  When they use Kid's Place (the parental control-timer app), they can't change the volume within the app and there is no external volume control on the device.
So, there you have my kids' perspective on the iPad versus Kindle Fire.

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