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Saturday, January 22, 2011


With the homeschool Spelling Bee coming up in two weeks, we are doing a lot of spelling enrichment at our house.  Even though this game does not contain words from our Spelling Bee, it is still one of our favorites!

I think what I like the most about it is that my non-speller loves it too.  Here's why - the dictionary that comes with the game is divided into fun sections and most of the words are hilarious.  The kids can't resist these:
1) Fancy Words for Regular Things
2) Tongue Tang
lers and Ticklers
3) Idiotic Insults and Captivating Compliments
4) Parts, Farts and Functions
5) Astonishing Actions
6) Wacky Wordplay

It has drawn in my non-speller because, while he is not a speller, he loves silly words, too.  I'll give you a few examples:

coprolite:  -n, fossilized dung
omphaloskepsis: -n, contemplation of one's belly button
alektorophobia: -n, the fear of chickens

Believe it or not, I've found the dictionary that goes with this game in the oddest of places (like the magazine rack in the bathroom and in the back seat of the van.)  I think that's testament enough to how captivating it is to kids.  I'll add a few words, every now and again, for you to impress your kids with and see if they don't like these silly words, too.

p.s.  sesquipedalian:  -n, one who uses long words

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