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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nature Study and Music Appreciation

Most of my children's Science career has been literature based. We take field trips, of course. We've occasionally attended Nature Center classes. Next year will be very different.

Using Anna Comstock's book along with free curriculum from the Minnesota DNR, Audobon Association and membership to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, we will approach Nature Study next year with journals, binoculars, colored pencils and digital cameras.

I'll be posting the curriculum for the Nature Study the first week in June.

I'm preplanning now, as I can't focus as much as I'd like to on it with the Minnesota Catholic Home Educator's Conference looming. I need to get my handouts done and ready to print. I also need to practice. Anyone want to come over for a free seminar? I'd love to do the Beginning Homeschool seminar for anyone who will listen. No takers? Darn. I guess I'll bore my husband with that one...

I have finished my Music Appreciation curriculum. It's a full year (38 weeks) program based on Aaron Copeland's What to Listen for in Music. It uses the Leonard Bernstein Young People's Concerts, both Disney Fantasia DVD's and Music Masters CD's as supplements. As a curriculum, it would be pretty expensive to purchase, but these are resources I have already, so it is no cost to me. I'll also post that in June.

Stay tuned...


Susan Shogren Smith said...

I connected to your blog through the MN Catholic Home Education Conference page and have a couple (probably more) questions if you would be willing to connect. Are you at Holy Family in St. Louis Park? We are switching there and hope to connect with the home school group. We are finishing our first year of homeschooling and have had a great year but I have some end of the year questions. Also we are avid photographers and would offer to spend some time with you if you are interested. Our website is giveyourkidacamera.com. We travel around the country visiting as many national parks as we can- a wonderful aspect of homeschooling. My email is susan@giveyourkidacamera.com

The Road Scholar said...

Susan - so glad you commented! Your website is wonderful and the photos are beautiful! My kids aged 6 and up all have digital cameras (al beit old ones). They love doing nature photography and it's been a great step into doing other art mediums for my girls.

Look forward to seeing you at the conference. Let me know which session you'll be attending.

I also send you an email!