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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Girl's Book Club

As many of you know, I like to host book clubs for my kids. I think reading classic literature is vital in developing their language art skills, teaching history through fiction, and building character.
We will be reading two series of books by a great author, Hilda Van Stockum and published by Bethlehem Books. Each series has 3 books. 
We would like to meet at our house every month to discuss the book. I will lead the discussion at both a literary and religious level. We will fill in a worksheet using the Socratic Method of learning where I ask questions and help them to discover plot, setting, characters, theme and conflict within the story. They will take home a list of vocabulary terms to fill in for the next meeting. 
Unlike other book clubs I’ve done in the past, there will be no thematic craft or thematic snack. Snacks will be provided by participants on a rotating basis. The fee is $1 to cover the cost of copies for the book club. 
This book club is for girls age 8-12.  Here are the series and book titles:

The Mitchells Series by Hilda van Stockum

Timeline: 1940's America/Canada
176 pp - 256 pp, Ages 10-up
1. The Mitchells: Five for Victory
2. Canadian Summer
3. Friendly Gables

The Bantry Bay Series by Hilda van Stockum

Timeline: 1930's, Ireland
239 - 293 pp, Ages 10-up
1. The Cottage at Bantry Bay

2. Francie on the Run
3. Pegeen
The stories are about large Catholic Families. The good news is that our County Library has one or two copies available.

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