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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Planning my upcoming school year...

I've bought the books, made my library lists and still I can't get anything down on paper! I think I've finally succumb to the only plan one week at a time. Have you (before TJEd) sat down and planned out a whole semester?

Here's my confession. I'm so good at the planning part. I have done it just about every year before. What I stink at is execution! After reading _A Mother's Rule of Life_ by Holly Pierlot, I both cheered and cried. I can easily make a FABULOUS schedule for my homeschool. I just can't stick to it.

What is it? I can plan book clubs and have no problem executing them. I can plan meetings, and they run well. I can plan meals. I think the problem is that I was requiring and not inspiring my kids, so we would get hung up on "getting the page done". I'm not kidding. There were times we would be doing Math all day because I THOUGHT they needed to finish the page.

So, here's a look into my days (as I'm planning them ;-). Check back with me once we start up whether I stick with it. I'm printing it here to make me a little more accountable:

7:00am - Everyone up.
7:30am - Everyone dressed and at the breakfast table
8:00am - Chores (make beds, daily chores)
8:45am - Readings of the day, Religion and Catechism OR Daily Mass
9:30am - Kidschool
(Monday - Writing/Spelling/Phonics/Math)
(Tuesday - Science/Latin/Math)
(Wednesday - History/Geography/Math)
( Thursday - Creative Thinking/Spelling/Phonics/Math)
(Friday - Art/Music/Spelling)
12:00pm - Lunch
12:30pm - Clean up lunch, school supplies, etc
1:00pm - NAP TIME for little ones and self directed learning for older ones which will include: Mom reading a classic aloud, listening to a classic on tape or CD, reading to oneself, working on a project of interest, practicing instruments, learn a new language,
(Tuesday - Gym and Swim)
(Friday - book club(s))
3:30pm - Check in with Mom (Tell mom what you did and write it down in school planner)
3:45pm - Tidy up the house, snack, set the table for dinner, do any afternoon chores
4:15pm - Free time (Mom makes dinner)
6:00pm - Dinner & Clean up
7:00pm - Family Time (Read classic aloud, play games, watch a family movie, go for a bike ride or walk, visit a park, work on a project, attend Cub Scouts, library night, etc)
8:30pm - Everyone gets ready for bed
9:00pm - Bed time for kids

We don't do sports programs, usually and we tend to not do a lot of extra curricular activities or outside classes unless 2 kids or more are participating (to cut down on the running around). This keeps us at home mostly.

Stay tuned for a status report...

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